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Why Contribute?

Help Us Raise the Solar Lounge and Free-Energy WiFi Network

The DC Solar Flare is About All of Us. When energy is cheaper, our economy is stronger. It's also about creating new jobs in America—Not just Ward 7. 

The STEM project is nation-wide for a reason. US students are loosing ground to our international neighbors. Yet we are the capital of the Unites States of Amnerica...

It's time for us to represent!

Get DC Back in the Global Picture

Good engineering needs proper mentoring. We can do that.

Proceeds from the DC Solar Flare event will go towards:

HD Woodson HS student Science projects, self-empowering talks and seminars that will direct local communities towards lowering their power bills, and instruct them on how to participate in a local and global green economy.  Anyone enthusiastic about renewable energy can connect with entrepreneurs and prospective business partners during a social lunch break.

Funds will also go towards the HD Woodson Senior High School itself and future student science projects, such as the Solar WiFi Network project, the Solar Lounge project described below, and the resources that help make this event possible. 

Proposed Projects

The Solar Lounge: A tent filled with modern-day toys, such as an X-box 360, Wide-screen TV, Amplifier and Speakers—you know, the essentials ;-)

The Solar WiFi Network: Build an internet that can withstand a regional power failure, and charge your EV up at the pit stop, or tell cars where they are. The sky's the limit.

We Could Use Some Gear!

We will accept in-kind contributions. The student Solar WiFi Network project needs good, rechargeable batteries. The idea is to keep the network running, even when there is no sun. Contact  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for details.


Want to lend a hand? We could use your help!

Contact Rob for details.

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