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Community Forklift

Community Forklift is no ordinary home improvement center...We’re lifting up communities with low-cost building materials! At our very large warehouse, you can donate new and used building materials to receive a tax deduction, or you can purchase materials at prices that are 40% - 80% below retail. We are a project of Sustainable Community Initiatives, a 501c3 nonprofit organization.

What We Do:

The problem: When producing new building materials, serious environmental damage is caused by harvesting, mining, and transportation across continents. Then, we fill our landfills and incinerators with the old stuff – construction and demolition debris makes up OVER HALF of our nation’s solid waste! Contractors and manufacturers need to clear out leftovers and excess inventory, and have to throw away brand new items. During renovations, homeowners often have to toss out perfectly good things, like gently-used cabinets or appliances.

The solution: Building material reuse is an alternative that just makes sense! Donors can avoid dumping fees, and earn tax deductions. Part of our inventory comes from deconstruction, in which a building is carefully taken apart by skilled laborers instead of demolished. This creates jobs, and can cost less than traditional demolition. Instead of paying dumping fees, property owners earn tax deductions. Construction careers are created through job training in deconstruction. The materials can be sold cheaply, so homeowners and small businesses can afford repairs – making neighborhoods cleaner and safer. We are also a resource for nonprofits, churches, and temples that fix up homes for the elderly or disadvantaged. Schools, artists, and theatre groups can buy low-cost art materials or props. Renovators can find antique trim to preserve historic buildings. Local governments receive less debris at landfills and incinerators, saving money and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Everyone benefits from less waste and a cleaner environment!

How to Reach Us:

Community Forklift
4671 Tanglewood Drive
Edmonston MD 20781
We are located inside the Beltway in the Hyattsville area, just a few minutes outside NE DC.

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