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Clean Currents

Clean Currents is your local, independent green energy company, supplying wind power electricity through the grid to residents and businesses in the Mid-Atlantic. Since 2005, Clean Currents has built a vibrant green community in the region, counting over 12,000 residential and 1,000 commercial customers across Maryland, Washington DC, Pennsylvania, and Delaware.

What We Do:

Clean Currents is a sustainably operated business, recognized as a “certified green businesses” at our Rockville headquarters by the Montgomery County Green Business Certification Program. Clean Currents is also the first and only energy company in the state of Maryland to be a certified B Corporation and classified as a Benefit LLC - incorporating our commitment to the environment and our community into our legal corporate structure. We take our commitment to sustainability and to our customers very seriously.  Other energy companies may talk green, but at Clean Currents we live and breathe it every day.  Click HERE to learn how Clean Currents is different than other electric suppliers in the region.  Click HERE to learn how wind power at home works.

How to Reach Us:

Clean Currents Headquarters
155 Gibbs Street, Suite 425
Rockville, MD 20850

Our Web Site:

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