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Capitol Business Solutions

Our belief is that sustainability is our Future, and with our environment at risk, we all must do our part.  So by using our built spaces wisely, we retain so much more-- less landfill waste, less pollution, and less destruction of our natural materials and habitats.   This is the fabric of sustainability-- it helps restore our neighborhoods, our health and our environments.  Our mission is accomplished by being Business Developers, Educators, and Designers that will help our Earth continue to flourish.

What We Do:

Capitol Business Solutions LLC specializes in the environmental sustainability movement helping clients to become better educated and develop improved green concepts.  Our firm provides innovative and useful approaches to “going green” improving performance of our client’s goals of helping the environment endure. Our staff works with communities, organizations or individuals and helping them find ways to incorporate sustainable practices in their homes and workplaces, find weatherization and energy programs, or research facts and information. Over the years our firm has helped clients with greening their offices with recycling programs, better office materials management solutions, best reusable materials for a project, advising on energy saving appliances.  We have also planned countless events such as workshops, seminars and conferences on green initiatives to educate individuals, businesses and communities about the best sustainability solutions. The services we offer allow our clients to set paths and strategies that will help them achieve their sustainable environmental goals.  We offer ways to give you that competitive advantage as you lead your organization, community, and individuals to a greener way of life. The following is an overview of services we provide for your growth and advancement.  Please contact us today and we can shape our service to fit your business needs.

How to Reach Us:

Capitol Business Solutions
P.O. Box 60227
Washington, DC 20011-4128

Our Web Site:

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