What's happening at the event.

Program of Events

The DC Solar Flare has released this schedule of the day's events.  See below for session times, topics, and speakers:

10:00am - 10:05am - Welcome to the DC Solar Flare


  • Council-member Yvette Alexander, Ward 7

10:05am - 10:10am - Welcome to the HD Woodson High School


  • Principal Thomas Whittle, HD Woodson High School

10:10am - 10:15am - Building Community through DC Solar Flare


  • Rob Robinson, DC Sun

10:15am - 10:50am - Discussion:

What are the housing, energy, and poverty issues that people in Ward 7 face and how can solar help change that?


  • Larry Greenhill, DC Electrical Assn.
  • Dennis Chestnut, Groundwork DC
  • Daanen Strachan, Ph.D, Ward 7 Solar Coop (moderator)

11:00am - 11:30am - Keynote Speech:

Powering our Future for our Community


  • Apostle Stephen E. Young, Sr., House of Praise

11:40am - 12:25pm - Panel 1:

Everything You Need to Know About Saving Green: The Basics of Energy Conservation and Efficiency


  • Ayla Schlosser, Groundswell
  • Keith Ware, Eco-Green Living
  • Pascale Maslin, Energy Efficiency Experts
  • Hasim Dawkins, SEU (moderator)

12:25pm - 1:05pm - Lunch

The Following Food Vendors will be attending the DC Solar Flare:

  • Curbside Cupcakes
  • Fojol Brothers
  • Solar Cooking Demonstrations (available in the afternoon)

1:05pm - 1:25pm - Recycling:

The Gateway Habit to Going Green


  • Russell Klein, DC Dept. Of Public Works

1:35pm - 2:20pm - Panel 2

Solar 101 - How to Go Solar and Still Pay Your Bills


  • Erin Alexander, Earthwide Interior Design
  • Sudha Gollapudi, Sol Systems
  • Emil Kind, DDOE
  • Jackie Ward, Ward 7 (moderator)

2:30pm - 3:15pm - Panel 3

The Other Kind of Green: Bringing Green Jobs and Entrepreneurship to Ward 7


  • Jonathan Butts, AITI Enterprises
  • Akili West, Reclamation Energy
  • Julieta Machado-Pacanins, Spanish Catholic Center
  • Gilbert Campbell, Volt Energy (moderator)

3:25pm - 3:55pm - Re-discussion:

How are We Going to Use Solar to Address the Issues We Face in Ward 7?


  • Monyna Dorsey, Ward 7 Solar Coop
  • Larry Greenhill, DC Electrical Assn.
  • Dennis Chestnut, Groundwork DC
  • Daanen Strachan, Ph.D., Ward 7 Solar Coop (moderator)

4pm - 4:30pm - Closing Session:

Ward 7 Goes Solar



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